A woman has been arrested after police say they caught her using a spell book and shotgun to set fire to cars at a used dealership.

Kristy Malzi, 47, is facing charges related to reckless burning, terror threats and simple assault after a tirade at a dealership where vehicles were said to have been set on fire.

Police say the woman, who is reported to have practiced witchcraft, had escaped from a hospital, used pages from a spell book to set one vehicle on fire.

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Officers learned through a series of interviews that the dealership had been targeted because of the owner's previous relationship with Malzi, PennLive reports.

A criminal complaint was submitted, saying Malzi was armed with a loaded shotgun and a copy of the Wicca Book of Spells.

Witnesses to the alleged witchcraft say they noticed a Ford Focus was set alight and that the lot of the dealership was on fire.

One employee attempted to battle the sorcery and flames with a fire extinguisher, which was when they noticed several burnt pages from a book inside the engine compartment of the vehicle.

Police say that the burnt pages found lying around the parking lot were ripped from a copy of the Wicca Book of Spells, which is described as a beginner's guide to magic and sorcery.

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Police also noted that witnesses told investigators that Malzi was believed to be practicing witchcraft, igniting pages from the book before placing them on the driver-side front seat through an open window.

The practicing witch had also pointed a loaded shotgun at the head of her ex-boyfriend and used car dealership owner, hitting him before employees forced her out of the building.

Employees then locked Malzi, who said her ex-boyfriend had been tracking her, outside of the building.

Malzi, who is currently being held in Cambria County Prison, had bail set at £20,000 ($25,000).

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