Woman breaks world record for loudest burp with belch louder than a blender

A woman who once got kicked out of a bar for burping "too loud" has achieved a Guinness World Record for loudest belch.

"Burp Queen" Kimberly Winter, from Virginia, US, amassed fans on social media because of her loud burp.

She recently broke the world record to produce the loudest burp at 107.3dB, which is similar to a power mower.

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And the 33-year-old said she's always known about her impressive talent.

"I've always known that I was able to burp loud ever since I was a little girl, even my parents are like 'can you please shut up?'" Kimberly shared.

"What I do to prepare for a big burp is do take a deep breath in and try to manipulate that into something monstrous and magical."

She also recalled one incident that left her red-faced.

The world-record holder shared: "I realised I was probably one of the loudest women out there because one time I got kicked out of a bar for burping too loud.

"I decided to buy my own decibel meter and I burped a 109dB."

To achieve a world record, Kimberly tried different combination of drinks to see which one made her burp the loudest.

"Sometimes the burp comes out of nowhere – a bit of water can do, some spicy food, some soda or alcohol," she said.

Kimberly was also asked to stand 2.5 metres away from the microphone and the result was remarkable.

Her bellowing belch is louder than a blender (70-80 dB), an electric handheld drill (90-95 dB), and even some motorcycles at full throttle (100-110 dB).

On TikTok, Kimberly also took on some on her viewers' requests.

"The most question I get asked is 'does it hurt to burp loud' and no, it doesn't hurt at all," she added.

"It feels really good. It hurts to hold it in if I'm being honest. I would say my longest burp was probably nine seconds, but I'm not going for the longest.

"I want to be the loudest because I'm loud and proud."

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