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Bizarre security camera footage has gone viral after it appeared to show a dinosaur-like creature hurtling across a woman’s front garden.

Cristina Ryan said the strange moment was captured at her home in Florida, US, early one morning last week.

The short black-and-white video shows the small animal hurtling past the camera.

It seems to be walking on two legs much like the velociraptors seen in iconic film franchise Jurassic Park.

Speaking to Fox 35 News, Cristina said: “Any animal we can come up with that would be 'walking' at 3:40 in the morning, wouldn't walk this way.

“Maybe I've watched 'Jurassic Park' too many times, but I see a raptor or other small dinosaur!”

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Many of Cristina’s friends also believe she has single-handedly proven dinosaurs still exist, and she dismissed suggestions it was just a large bird because “it appears to have front legs”.

The video has sparked a fierce debate on social media since it was shared.

Some believed it could be a dog with some sort of coat on it.

"A dog with a leash and something reflective on – raincoat?” one asked. “Our dog has a raincoat and he would look like that from above."

Another agreed, adding: “Unless Fred Flintstone lost control of Dino, that's someone's pet on a leash.”

But there were still those who were convinced it was evidence that “Jurassic World is real”.

“It’s clearly a raptor,” someone else put.

In other “dinosaur” news, a woman recently found herself trapped on a life-size T-Rex statue and ended up having to be rescued by firefighters.

And a terrifying new dinosaur species was recently uncovered and was named the “one who causes fear”.

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