Woman furious after being asked to pay £100 to attend work Christmas party

An Australian man has taken to the internet for answers after learning his wife was forced to pay $100 to attend her own work Christmas party.

The man posted his quandary on Reddit asking “So what kind of Christmas party does your work throw and how much do they charge you for it if anything?”

He explained that his own staff parties are “fully funded” by the company, with food and beverages all included to make merry. His partner's parties, however, not only charge for attendance, but also for "drinks on top".

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“I’m curious what other people’s parties are like,” he wrote online.

The post soon sparked a heated debate. Many argued that work parties should be paid for entirely by the company, as a celebration of all its employees' hard work.

“Asking you to pay is totally messed up,” one person said.

"Wtf they charge you to go to a work event no one wants to go to anyway?' and "Time to leave!" echoed others.

The original poster admitted he had happily paid “$10 a head” to attend work parties in the past, but only as staff were provided unlimited alcohol and catering.

Many redditors theorised that the man's wife may work in the public sector, or in healthcare, which could explain the self-funded aspect: “In the public service you often have to pay.

Either by paying for your meal or through fundraising throughout the year for a party,” one person said.

“In all fairness, I wouldn’t necessarily want my taxes funding a work Christmas party, ” another wrote.

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