Woman kidnapped girl, 8, from playground before running down the street naked

A woman snatched an eight-year-old old girl from a playground before stripping off naked to run down the street, police allege.

Brittany Hurtt, 34, has been arrested by police in Austin, Indiana, US, on suspicion of abducting a child who she took home to her baffled husband in a bizarre incident on Monday.

According to court records, the woman from Indiana was taken for medical examination as she ranted while kicking the back windows of a police car and refused to get dressed.

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Hurtt's series of actions have left her facing charges of kidnapping, battery to a public safety official, criminal trespass, resisting law enforcement, public nudity and public indecency.

Before taking her eight-year-old victim home and telling her "let's start a family", Hurtt had tried and failed to grab another child.

Police were called to a school where it was reported that a woman had climbed over a fence, taken a girl and driven off.

Confused by the entire situation, Hurtt’s husband flagged down officers and explained that his wife had returned home with a random child in the passenger seat of her car, WXIN-TV reports.

Having parked up at home, Hurtt allegedly stripped off and ran down the street in the nude, carrying a pair of bin bags.

With the young girl safely taken back to school, a police officer went after Hurtt who struck their vehicle and tried to "yank the door open".

Officers were then able to get her in handcuffs but struggled to seat her in the police car as she resisted and refused to wear the clothes brought by her concerned husband, according to court records.

Once in the vehicle, Hurtt is said to have started "kicking the back windows" while screaming and refused to put on clothes that had been brought by her husband.

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As police tried to take Hurtt into an emergency room on a wheeled stretcher, she allegedly kicked an officer in the hand and was "making statements about how the children were being taught by the computers and all the children needed to die."

Austin Elementary School said in a statement that the campus locked down immediately in response to the kidnapping of a child who was thankfully "returned within minutes."

The school wrote on Facebook that it "is reassessing playground protocols to increase security and safety for students", which includes making the fence taller.


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