A woman who bought an iconic sign for an even more famous strip club forked out over £14,000 before realising she had nowhere to put it.

Ashley Sierp bought the original artwork for the Crazy Horse club in Adelaide, Australia in an auction that attracted buyers from across the country.

Head auctioneer Andrew Maros said that he had seen a lot of interest from local businessmen before the sale: “It was funny there was quite a bit of interest from the business world,” he said. “Back in the ‘80s it was quite a busy place for a business meeting.”

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Ashley’s $24,000AU (£14,000) bid secured the the sign, which she hoped to put on display next to her swimming pool.

But after splashing out on the item plus additional auction house fees which took the total sum to $26,000AU, Ashley realised that she had made a terrible mistake.

“I got swept in the motion of happiness. Logically, actually craning it over to my house and pool is not going to happen,” she said.

The sign is 13ft across and around 10ft high. For now, it remains at the warehouse where it was auctioned.

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However, Ashley is running out of time. The warehouse is due to close later this week because the area is being re-developed. Ashley says the sign has to be collected by close of business Thursday.

Her only option is to sell the giant neon sign on in the next few days – she’s currently advertising it for $27,000AU.

However Ashley is determined to make sure the the sign remains in Adelaide and won’t be accepting any bids from non-locals.

“It will probably get demolished with the shed,” Ashley told 7 News, “I don’t know what I’m going to do, “ she said.

But for anyone considering making a bit, she warns: “It’s a big sign… it’s definitely not a little ornament to put on your mantelpiece”


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