A bizarre rejection letter from KFC has gone viral after a woman who had previously worked for the company was told she didn’t have enough experience to get a job there.

has also attracted attention for being packed full of puns, which some people have said was inappropriate for a missive sent to convey disappointing news, reports the Mirror.

Durham University student Sophie Corcoran, who is also a political commentator, shared the letter on Twitter and said she had now lost patience with the city.

She tweeted: "I can’t even get a job in KFC up in Durham because 'I don’t have experience' despite f****** working at KFC for two and a half years. I give up with Durham. I want to move back home now. I just want my life back."

The letter, which has the subject of "Team member application at Thinford KFC", reads: "Hi Sophie, thank you for your application to Team KFC.

"We're cluckin' delighted you're keen to join our flock, however at this moment in time, your skills aren’t the secret recipe the Colonel is looking for.

"But we'd love to hear from you again when you have some more experience under your wing, so please give us a cluck if you would like to apply in the future.

"Best wishes, Team KFC."

Hundreds of Twitter users have liked and commented on the message, with one user tweeting: "Sorry no offence to Sophie but that is the funniest rejection letter I've ever seen."

A second replied: "Someone somewhere got a pat on the back for coming up with that email template."

But not everyone found it quite so funny, and one Twitter user said: "I’m more shocked by the bad puns, sure use them when you are offering someone a job, but in a rejection letter?"

Someone else third tagged KFC’s Twitter account and said: "You seriously write rejection letters like this?! That's how you treat people? Sort it out."

And another response said: "The most cringe rejection letter ever. Like they are addressing a kid."

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