Woman says she breastfeeds her boyfriend before sex and insists it’s ‘not weird’

A mum-of-two who missed breastfeeding her children has moved onto her boyfriend and says it's now perfect foreplay for them.

Lana Michaels met boyfriend Shawn through a vegan dating app and says it helps them get in the mood for sex.

The former teacher, who is mum to a daughter, seven, and son, 11, from a previous relationship, said she missed breastfeeding her children after they grew up.

The couple will feature in a new Channel 4 documentary, Breastfeeding my Boyfriend, which explores adult breastfeeding.

The pair will star on Monday night's show and discuss why they chose to breastfeed.

Lana admits she and Shawn began experimenting 18 months ago and argues it creates "physical energy' between them before they have sex.

She confessed she finds it difficult to stop and claims it's a vital part of their sex life.

Speaking to The Sun, she said: "I breastfed my children and I really missed breastfeeding and the feeling of it."

Lana went on to explain she breastfed her son for eight months and her daughter for two years, and was left wishing they were still young enough to breastfeed when they grew up.

“I don’t want to have another baby and my children are way too old to feed now but I liked the idea of breastfeeding with Shawn," she added.

Before the pandemic, the couple left south England for Murcia in Spain and began experimenting in the bedroom.

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The couple also has an open relationship and got inspired to try adult breastfeeding after having a foursome with another married couple.

"I’d been sucking from another woman when I started feeling milk in my mouth. That burned up the sexual idea of breast milk connected with sex and it went from there," Lana said.

After, she researched breastfeeding online and discovered she could restart her milk supply by taking herbal supplements.

She claims her breasts began flowing with milk three days after trying the supplements, and Shawn gave it a try.

After she started lactating again she says she's gone up a cup size, reaching 34D.

Lana added the couple usually has sex five times a week and Shawn breastfeeds twice.

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