Woman slammed by Brits for ‘unbelievable sin’ in airport check-in queue

A woman has sparked controversy after committing an unbelievable sin in an airport queue.

The woman, a photo of whom was posted on Reddit, triggered a wave of fury after people noticed she had left a huge gap between herself and the end of the queue.

It is believed that the photographer and women may have spoken because they were reportedly told by the woman that it would be the same whether they moved then or later.

The photograph has sent Reddit into meltdown as people discuss whether or not the woman was right.

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The photograph has divided opinion on the popular social media platform.

One person claimed it was a British thing while another claimed it was an “unforgivable sin”.

One user wrote: “This girl at the airport waits until the queue moves all the way forward to move.

“People confronted her and she said ‘It’s the same if I move now or later’.”

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The post was so controversial it quickly generated a wave of debate as people flooded the comments section with their opinions.

One person said: “They say us British people like to join queues. We don’t and I will be the first in line to tell you that.”

Another user said: “I’m American and it’s irritating. I’ll bet she sits in the front of the plane and takes 20 minutes to get her s**t out of the overhead compartment when the plane lands.”

Another user, surprised by the vitriol, commented: “Apparently this is the most unforgivable sin.”

Another user added: “Sometimes I wait for two “shuffle ahead” events before moving to give people behind me the feeling that the line’s making bigger progress.”

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