Woman slaughtered after thieves fighting over 2kg of frozen fish turn violent

A bizarre fight over two kilogrammes of frozen fish ended with a couple murdering an innocent woman.

The incident happened in Nikolayevsk-on-Amur in the Russian territory of Khabarovsk on New Year's Day.

Local police have only just made details of the horror event public, which saw a 35-year-old man and a 27-year-old woman kill the unnamed third person.

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According to several Russian news outlets, the murdered woman was a “hostess” at a supermarket who was trying to stop the two people from stealing the massive bag of frozen fish from a freezer.

A fight broke out, which saw the two people stab the woman multiple times, as well as beating her with a “blunt hard object”.

She was taken to hospital but died soon after despite receiving emergency medical treatment.

The pair are now being held by police officers, while a trial date is set.

Fish appears to be in short supply in the area, according to the Moscow Times.

It was recently claimed that the rivers near the area have become almost bereft of fish since 2017, with some stating they will be entirely empty in just a few years' time.

Speaking to the Russian news outlet, a 57-year-old pensioner called Donkan said: “We have to do something about this situation or our great grandchildren won’t see any at all.

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“The whole of the Amur lives off this fish.

“Yes, we aren’t wealthy, but we have this. It’s our wealth, we don’t need anything else.”

And the leader of the Association of Indigenous Minorities of the Northern Khabarovsk Territory Lyubov Odzyal said: “That year (2017) barely any fish made it up the river.

“It was the first signal of this terrible shock.”

While the two incidents have not been officially linked, it could be possible that locals are turning to stealing in order to fill the fish-void which warned about.

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