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A couple were gobsmacked when they came across a "slug" so huge that it doubled the size of a woman's hand.

Shawna Ariel Becker and her boyfriend were strolling around the central area in Vancouver when they came upon the massive shell-less animal.

"So here we are in Vancouver and we found a sidewalk slug. It's actually huge," Shawna's partner said while she goes for a closer look.

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She then added: "Wow probably the biggest slug I've ever seen, comparing to my hand."

Despite they were stunned by the abnormal size, the pair quickly realised that there wasn't any slimy trail behind the banana slug.

"It must have crawled from the ocean," the man joked.

It was actually one of 36 bronze slug installations around Columbia College on Terminal Avenue, created by artist Peter Gazendam.

Shawna's video has left some viewers freaked out, with one saying: "I'd be running to the nearest Dons for salt packets."

A second wrote: "I knew the slug! I saw one which was a monster size as a kid! Nobody ever believed me!"

Some compared it to a Dart, an underworld creature in popular Netflix drama Stranger Things.

Shawna said it took them awhile to realise that it wasn't a real slug.

"I saw a large one but my boyfriend didn't get it in the video. This is a real reaction, it totally fooled us. It is a statue! I was disappointed."

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Creator Peter told Daily Hive of his inspiration behind his public art installation.

"I got interested in slugs because they move so slow, they get in your way, they're in strange places, and so they're an oddity," he explained.

"They’ve been around for quite a long time and survived. Their structure and the way they live is incredible to me."


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