In the conversation, the woman asks if the photographer remembers her from 2019 when they did a photoshoot in Durban.

After acknowledging this, the woman said: “Well I’m now divorced and those picture I and my ex husband don’t need them anymore. [sic]

“You did a wonderful job on them but they went to waste as we are now divorced, I will need a refund of the amount we paid you because we don’t need them anymore [sic].”

Shocked, the photographer asked if it was a joke to which the woman replied that she was “very serious”.

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The photographer responded: “I’m very sorry to hear that you and your husband divorced, but as I’m sure you can figure out that that’s not going to happen [sic].”

He explained: “Photography is a non-refundable service once I’ve already delivered to you the service and the pictures. I can’t refund you because I can’t untake the pictures.”

The conversation excerpt ends with the photographer telling the client to “Take care now”.

The screenshot of the conversation received a wave of responses on Reddit as users commented in astonishment.

One wrote: “Probably tried to get a refund on her wedding dress and wedding cake too. [sic]”

Another said: “All guests should get their wedding gifts back.”

Meanwhile, another compared the incident to taking a car back to a garage after it had been crashed by the driver.

They wrote: ““Hi, Mr. Auto mechanic. You replaced the brakes in my car 1.5 years ago. The car is now totaled. I’ll need a refund for those breaks [sic]”.”

It is not known whether the matter was resolved.

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