‘World’s strongest boy’ who set world record aged 5 now left begging on Facebook

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  • A 17-year-old once labelled the 'world's strongest boy' aged five has been reduced to begging followers for cryptocurrency investment on Facebook.

    Romanian Giuliano Stroe became headline news when he became a Guinness World Records holder for the fastest 33-foot hand-walk on record while live on Italian television, with a weighted ball on his leg.

    In 2010, he also broke the record for the most 90-degree push-ups. He did 20, breaking the previous record of 12 live on Romanian TV.

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    But now, it appears Giuliano may have fallen on hard times, asking for a "little help" on Facebook.

    "Who want help me with some crypto? I need a little help to start this game," he wrote at the end of March, showing the zero balance in his crypto wallet.

    One person replied, accusing the young man of "begging".

    "Next you’ll be begging for us to send you crypto now to fund 'boxing completions' for your kids lol," wrote Brad Brydges.

    A second person added: "He’s in crypto for begging."

    A third person responded: "To trade in crypto you need money."

    A fourth implored: "Please Stop begging brother."

    In 2014, Giuliano's 35-year-old fitness fanatic father Iulian Stroe, had spoken of his determination to make his son famous and put him through a gruelling two-hour regime each morning in Florence, Italy where his family lived.

    But Iulian's plans went awry and he was forced back to Romania.

    He was making a living from scrap metal trading in the village of Icoana, and had hoped to come to the UK to find either work or a sponsor for his boys.

    However, it appears as though the family stayed in Italy, and the family are now looking at setting up a private boxing club where Giuliano and brother Claudio can compete and participate in the National European Championship.

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    Giuliano and his brother continue to document their fitness efforts on their YouTube channel.

    Among their brutal workouts are heavy deadlifts, dumbbell bicep curls and boxing.

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