When Sultan Kosen, the world’s tallest man, met the two shortest people in the world he asked officials to keep them away from him.

It’s not that the towering Turkish record-holder was afraid of the two tiny record-holders, he was just terrified of trampling them.

Sultan was introduced to Chandra Bahadur Dangi in London back in 2014. At just 1ft 9½" the Nepalese man – who died in 2015 – is believed to have been the shortest human being who ever lived.

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Sultan went on to meet 2ft¾" Indian actress Jyoti Kishanji Amge in Egypt in 2018.

But both encounters made the big man nervous. "I kept asking officials to keep them away from me,” he told Turkish YouTuber Ruhi Cenet, ”I was very afraid to accidentally step on them and break their bodies.

“Also,” Sultan added, “I never heard what they said, they talked, but I didn't hear their voices."

Sultan explained in the interview that he reached the incredible height of 8ft2” as a result of an issue with his pituitary gland. He hadn’t even been able to attend a school because even when he was very young he was too tall for the chair s and desks.

Even day-to-day tasks such as operating an iPhone or opening a can of Coke are a real challenge for Sultan because of his eleven-inch hands.

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But he’s philosophical, saying his immense height meant he could help around the house when it came to changing lightbulbs or fixing a curtain rail: “Everything about the ceiling was my business,” he joked.

He’s had various jobs, but never managed to hold one down in the long term as his height kept causing problems.

But, he says, “as a record-holder my job is travelling all over the world”.

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Sultan nearly lost that job earlier this year when 29-year-old Sulemana Abdul Samed, from northern Ghana, was measured at an almost incredible 9 ft 6in.

But, luckily for Sultan, that all turned out to be a mistake with the measuring equipment.

The gentle giant has a simple message for his many fans: “Let’s live together peacefully…let’s be more sensitive to people with disabilities, and let’s leave a clean world for our children and grandchildren – there will be people in this world after us”.


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