An underwater predator dubbed 'the world's weirdest fish' has been spotted lurking off the coast of the UK.

An image of the creature was shared to Reddit page r/CasualUK, in which it appeared with its top fin protruding out of the water like a shark.

The caption read: "This Sunfish I saw off the north coast of Canna [in the Scottish Inner Hebrides]."

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The ocean sunfish, also known as mola mola, is a bizarre looking creature that can weigh 2,000kg and grow to be around 10ft long and 14ft tall (including fins).

Its various names allude to the fact that its body is flattened laterally (with "mola" translating to "millstone" in Latin). "Sunfish" also refers to the fact that it is often found sunbathing at the surface of the water.

Sunfish live in both tropical and temperate waters and can be found in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, as well as inlets such as the Mediterranean and North seas.

It is considered a generalist predator, consuming a range of aquatic life such as small fishes, fish larvae, squid and crustaceans. Sunfish don't have many natural predators themselves – the exceptions being sea lions, orcas and sharks.

Reacting in the comments section on Reddit, one person said: "Had no idea sunfish came here! Very jealous you saw one."

Replying, the original poster explained that they work on Canna, where someone at their company will spot at least one every year.

"My colleague saw orcas though so he's winning," they added.

Another person shared their experience of spotting a sunfish in the UK, although it didn't sound as magical as you might hope.

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They wrote: "Saw one of these off the coast of either Devon or Cornwall years ago when my dad took me on a day out on a fishing trip boat.

"Unfortunately it was the same day I found out I get horrendously sea sick. I stood up from where I was fetal in the middle of the boat, caught a short glimpse of it just floating about and then had to retreat to the safety of my fetal position."


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