STRICT £5,000 fines for going on holiday will be DROPPED from Monday, Boris Johnson confirmed tonight.

The stay in the UK restrictions will be lifted from May 17, and people will be able to finally travel to a string of green list destinations.

The green list includes Israel, Singapore, Portugal, the Falkland Islands, Ascension, St Helena, Tristan da Cunha, Gibraltar, Faroe Islands, Iceland and Brunei.

And New Zealand and Australia are also on the list – but they have their own entry requirements and are unlikely to let in tourists at the moment.

France, Greece and Spain are NOT yet on the green list, meaning Brits will have to wait until at least June 7 to find if they can go on holiday there this summer.

But people will not be fined £5,000 if they go to an amber or a red list country, though they will have to quarantine when they return.

At a Downing Street press briefing this evening the PM said the Government's four tests to ease restrictions next Monday had been met.

But he urged caution and stressed that variants may rip up the rules on holidays at the last minute if he had to.

The lockdown lifting rules confirmed tonight include:

  • Rules for pubs and restaurants will be relaxed so people can meet up to six inside, and 30 outside
  • Holidays will be legal again – and the £5,000 fines will be dropped
  • Hugging between friends and family will be given the nod, as social distancing rules are expected to be relaxed
  • Hotels, cinemas, indoor play areas and other attractions are allowed to reopen finally
  • But strict pub rules will remain including table service, social distancing and checking in via the NHS app
  • Schoolkids will no longer have to wear masks in class
  • But weddings will still have a 30 person cap, despite funerals having their rules lifted
  • The casual sex ban will finally be over as Brits can get close again, and stay over at each other's homes
  • Organised adult sport and exercise classes can resume indoors and saunas and steam rooms can reopen
  • Working from home should continue if people can
  • Sports events can allow up to 10,000 fans in easing of rules in stadiums

Anyone coming back to Britain will still have to take a pre-departure test up to 72 hours before they travel.

And Turkey, Nepal and the Maldives are to be slammed on the red list, Mr Shapps said tonight – meaning Brits coming home will have to quarantine in a hotel for 14 days and pay £1,750 for the privilege.

People with a vaccine will be able to use the NHS app to show when they go on holiday after May 17.

The Government will also be publishing a green watchlist in the future, to provide an indication when a country is identified as a candidate for a changing country.

Brits will have to wait another three weeks for any green list changes.

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