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PASSENGERS are often seen being creative with their hand luggage, due to strict baggage allowances.

However, suitcase companies are getting wiser and making bags that comply with the size limits, so people don't have to worry about taking too much stuff.

One of the latest bags making life much easier for travellers is the Cabin Max Anode 20 litre hard shell vanity case.

It's described online as "ideal" for carry-on.

One traveller who put the case through its paces was travel Tiktoker Evelyn (@evelynstravelzone) who took it on flights with three different budget airlines, including Ryanair.

She said she was able to take almost a week's worth of luggage in the case, without any problems.

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In a video, she said: "Ryanair have one of the smallest hand luggage allowances.

"Whenever I travel with them, this is the case I take. It's really light and compact, but you can get a lot of items into the case.

"So if you're going on a trip that's like five or six days long, this is perfect.

"Even though this is designed specifically for Ryanair, it can fit other airlines."

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Evelyn filmed herself slotting the bag into airport bag size checkers from both Vueling and easyJet, as well as Ryanair.

She continued: "This was me testing it with the airline Vueling. As you can see, it goes in with no issues.

"It also works well with easyJet. However, easyJet do allow a bigger size than this if you want."

Evelyn also showed how easily it slotted under the seat in front of her on a plane, adding: "This is it here, just sliding under the seat on the plane. So definitely check this out."

The hard shell case can be bought online from Amazon from £29.95, where it is available in several different colours.

It has an overall rating of 4.6/5 from more than 7,000 reviews, with thousands of verified purchasers giving it the full five-stars.

One claimed that they had been approached by several people when travelling with the bag, as others wanted to know where it came from.

They wrote: "We had three different people ask about the bag whilst we were at the airport and one more on the return flight.

"They look really good and I was able to reassure the people who asked that you can get a huge amount in for the size."

Another described it as "a real tardis" because of how much they could fit in it, saying: "Love this case and found it holds an awful lot of stuff too."

A third added: "The product was perfect for travelling where only a limited case was permitted.

"I particularly valued the internal netting and zips which meant that the small space inside the case could be used most effectively."

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