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EUROPE is full of amazing holiday destinations that tourists are yet to fully discover or make the most of.

For every Spanish beach or Greek island full of holidaymakers, there are plenty of other locations that people could be visiting that are just as beautiful and far less crowded.

One country that often slips under the radar is Bosnia & Herzegovina, which has plenty to offer – from fascinating history, amazing nature and beaches with clear blue seas.

Its capital Sarajevo has sites like the Bascarsija – the city's oldest bazaar and the cultural centre of the city.

The market is a great place to find traditional dishes like cevapi, flat breads filled with grilled meat, and burek, flaky pastries filled with cheese, spinach or even sour cherry for dessert.

The city's Turkish influence can be seen in the bazaar, with traditional coffee, clothes and rugs among the many stalls.

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Elsewhere, there's the War Tunnel, or Tunnel of Hope, left over from the Bosnian war that was originally built in 1993 to get aid and humanitarian supplies into the city.

It's one of many sites that help people learn about the fairly recent conflicts that took place in the area.

Away from the city, there's much more to discover, as Dan Flying Solodiscovered.

The travel blogger explained that his favourite thing to do in the country is to get out and see the nature it has on offer.

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He said: "Bosnia and Herzegovina remains a relatively off-the-beaten-path – and affordable – destination in Europe.

"After two deep dive visits, I’m convinced the country’s greatest asset is the mesmerising near-photoshopped lakes, the lush countryside, and the lofty hiking trails."

Others have been won over by Bosnia's lakes, and among the standouts are Bilećko Lake, Boračko Lake and Perućac Lake.

The last of those has waters that are around 22C during the summer months, making it a lovely place to cool down on a hot day.

Visit B&H said: "Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the richest countries in Europe when it comes to water, and beauty of the rivers and lakes is breathtaking."

Perhaps the most famous place to see water in Bosnia is the town of Mostar, with its reconstructed Ottoman Empire bridge Stari Most one of the country's most famous sites, spanning the Neretva river.

Every summer, brave people throw themselves off the bridge as part of an annual diving competition, with the men of the town also jumping from the bridge as a tradition.

Architectuul said: "The practice dates back to the time the bridge was built.

"It is traditional for the young men of the town to leap from the bridge into the Neretva.

"As the Neretva is very cold, this is a very risky feat and only the most skilled and best trained divers will attempt it."

Other places to visit include the town of Blagaj, not too far from Mostar, which has been compared to a fairy tale by Responsible Travel.

Its highlights include a monastery, which was originally built for a Dervish cult.

They wrote: "This town has an almost fairy tale like quality, set into a rock face with a spring oozing through it form the Buna River.

"Also set into the rock is an ancient ‘tekke’ or Dervish monastery which, for a mystical cult, is pretty impressive.

"Take a walk along the river here, or just hang out in one of the river cafes and watch the world go by."

However, for the more traditional holidaymakers who like to spend their getaways by the beach, there's more than enough to enjoy.

Neum town is arguably the best place to visit the Bosnian seaside, with Beach Searcher praising its scenery and its waters.

They wrote; "Neum town is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and famous for its magnificent mountain scenery and turquoise waters of an incredible deep colour.

"It seems that nature created it for one purpose – to make your vacation unforgettable."

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Flights to Sarajevo take just over two and a half hours from London, and cost around £35 return from UK airports.

A night in the capital can be booked for as little as £13 per night for two.

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