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A FLIGHT attendant has revealed three foods they never want to see passengers eating on board their planes.

The main reason certain foods aren't welcome on board flights is the smell that they create.

While there are some clear offenders, others are less obvious.

However, cabin crew members Uncle J and B revealed the ones they hate in an episode of the Flight Attendant Podcast.

B said that the three she hates are fish, hard-boiled eggs and surprisingly broccoli.

Uncle J agreed and explained why broccoli was so unpleasant.

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He added: “Those three things are the worst. Especially the broccoli.

"When you open the container the broccoli is in, if it’s cooked, oh my god, I want to barf. It's so bad.

“There’s something about the smell of cooked broccoli that has been sitting in a bag or a container that’s not pleasant at all.

"I think I can handle the egg because I immediately know what the egg is. But with the broccoli, I think “Is it bad?” Is it okay?”.

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B also put forward two other suggestions that she feels are almost as offensive as the broccoli.

She continued: "Kimchi. I love kimchi, but please don't eat it on my plane."

"Cooked cauliflower is kind of the same as broccoli."

Some foods are so stinky that they're banned from planes.

The durian is actually quite popular in some Asian cuisines, but its smell is so pungent that almost all airlines won't allow it on board.

China Southern Airlines, who provide some flights for British Airways, specifically list the fruit on their list of prohibited items, due to its unpleasant scent.

They aren't the only ones either, with Air New Zealand's website advising: "durian fruit cannot be carried, either on your person, in carry-on or in checked in luggage.”

Other foods have cause arguments on board planes too, including a lasagne.

A man was annoyed by his girlfriend after she brought the meal onto a plane with her.

The passenger explained how his girlfriend's snack choice received comments from flight attendants who said that everyone could smell the food.

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Meanwhile, you could be kicked off your plane for being too smelly.

And this passenger was slammed for eating smelly eggs while waiting for a flight.

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