HEATHROW airport introduced a £5 drop-off charge for people travelling by car or taxi in October 2021.

Many people may be wondering how this is paid and how they are able to charge you. This is what we know.

How do I pay Heathrow Airport drop-off charge?

To pay the drop-off charge, you can simply do so online.

Go on the Heathrow Airport Drop-Off website and enter your registration number.

It will then confirm whether it is really your car by giving you details such as what category it falls under, its make, its model and the colour.

Once you confirm it will lead you to a payment page.


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You can also use the automated telephone service to pay for the drop-off charge.

Blue badge holders and emergency vehicles are exempt, but taxis and private hire cars will have to cough up.

How much is it to drop-off at Heathrow Airport?

It costs £5 to drop someone off at Heathrow Airport.

The policy is in line with charges at Gatwick and Manchester airports which also have a £5 drop-off fee.

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You can pay for a single drop-off or else just pre-pay for multiple ones through your phone.

There are no airport ticket machines, so the only payment method is your phone or laptop through the website.

If you pay for one drop-off, and then a minute later you enter the drop-off zone again, then you must pay the £5 again.

Every time you enter the drop-off zone, you have to pay £5.

If you hold a Blue Badge card, you can apply for a 100% discount online and get the drop-off charge for free.

If you do not want to pay the drop-off charge, you can try using the long stay car parks, which will grant you a free 30 minutes.

For more information on parking charges at Heathrow Airport, read this article.

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