A MUM has revealed why she loves travelling on long-haul flights with her toddler – despite 'rampages' and tantrums on the plane.

Jenni Mortimer, explained how – and why – she does it despite the stress.

One of her trips was a 13.5 flight to Vancouver from New Zealand with her three-year-old son.

She said she had planned everything from snacks and new toys to a fully stocked iPad with shows.

However, she said thata dinner service saw a "rampage that fill [her] with regret".

She wrote on the New Zealand Herald: "Muffins, cups of tea and fruit chunks were strewn on the floor, my pants were covered in korma and my overtired son was hell-bent on getting off the plane.

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"The next hour involved tears and a total lack of compassion from fellow passengers who reclined their seats into him as I attempted to comfort him."

Not just that, but a flight and long car ride to see her familyalso saw "overtired tantrums and jetlag".

Yet despite the stress of getting there, she said she soon saw travelling with a toddler as the "best thing ever" as they help you see the magic.

She continued: "Through many fear the meltdowns and screaming car trips that come with travelling with kids this age, the reward far outweighs the noise."

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Everything from watching him dance at the disco lights at a bowling alley to playing at a water park, Jenni said let her see the world without taking things for granted.

For those in fear of doing it, however, Jenni shared her top tips on travelling with long-haul with kids:

  • Pack double the snacks you think you'll need
  • Avoid the plane meal
  • Bring your own car seat and buggy
  • Get a Skycouch
  • Don't recline if you see someone else with a kid

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