A MAN has divided opinion after he said he didn't want to sit in economy with his girlfriend – and wanted premium economy instead.

He explained that he and his girlfriend, who had been together for six months, were travelling to his cousin's wedding together.

However, he said he was a "larger man" and struggled to fit into small airline seats, which is where the problem started.

He asked on Reddit: "I would like to fly premium economy, so I can have a little more room.

"My girlfriend, who is trying to save money while she looks for a new apartment, wants to fly coach.

"I understand her perspective and I proposed that we could take the same flight, but simply not sit together. She says this is unreasonable of me.

" I get that she needs to save, but I also don't think I'm being a jerk for wanting to sit in a seat that makes me comfortable."

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He added that they both earned the same amount of money, but she was currently living with him rent-free while she house-hunted.

He also said it would have cost him around $400 to upgrade her, but didn't think it was "healthy" to pay for everything in a relationship, and asked if he was in the wrong for wanting to sit separately.

Some people said he was in the wrong – one person commented: "It's YOUR cousin's wedding, it's YOUR comfort. You make a decent amount of money, pay the difference for her to fly with you."

Another person asked: "Have you considered purchasing a row of three seats for the two of you?

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"You could still sit together but she could have the aisle while you have middle and window or whatever and i assume the price would be comparable to 1 premium economy and 1 coach."

However most agreed that he wasn't to blame.

One person wrote: "You don't have to sit next to each other on flights. I don't understand the argument that couples have to sit together on flights."

Another said: "This seems like a very reasonable suggestion? Your girlfriend can't be a few metres away from you for the duration of a cross-country flight?"

A third said: "She shouldn't want you in pain just to sit with her and save some money. This is selfishness of the highest order."

It isn't the first time couples have disagreed about sitting next to each other on a flight.

A woman went viral after slamming her boyfriend for upgrading his own seat to first class, leaving her in economy.

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Another woman was left stunned after she paid to upgrade her boyfriend's plane ticket, only for him to complain about it.

And one man was even dumped when his mum paid for his entire family's first class flights – except for his girlfriends.

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