Most of us have experienced a holiday romance in some form.

Typically, the fleeting adventure leaves us with happy and nostalgic recollections of a certain person and place.

However, one man wants more than just these pleasant memories.

A 25-year-old from Hull is hoping to find the girl he fell in love with on holiday – 12 years ago.

Jordan Scott is determined to find the girl who left him ‘heartbroken’ after recently stumbling across some old love letters from her.

The pair met when Jordan was just 14, while he was on a Hull KR rugby trip to Perpignan in France.

He first set eyes on 13-year-old Katie while he was swimming in the hotel pool – and a blossoming holiday romance started.

At the end of the trip, Jordan returned to East Yorkshire and Katie went back to her home in the West Midlands.

Unable to let their romance go, Katie proceeded to send a string of love letters to Jordan after the holiday, telling him how much she ‘loved him.’

One of them said: ‘My world lights up when I see you and it makes me have butterflies.’

Jordan says recently reading the old letters made him feel like he had ‘lost a loved one’ – so he now hopes to reunite with his former crush.

The 25-year-old tells HullLive: ‘At the time I stayed in touch with her, but then lost contact after so long.

‘Now I have found these letters, I want to see if I can rekindle the love and ask her questions.’

Jordan started his appeal to find Katie on Facebook by sharing a picture of some of their letters, but now hopes to extend the search far and wide.

He adds: ‘Anyone know a Katie from West Midlands?

‘Get in touch, we will have a chat, I miss you I remember we was together on holiday about 12 years ago.’

Katie, if you’re out there, Jordan might just be your soulmate.

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