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A WOMAN has divided opinion after refusing to fly with Ryanair – despite being hundreds of pounds cheaper.

The budget carrier has a no-frills reputation, despite a fairly robust record when it comes to flight delays.

However, one woman considers it worth paying more than £300 extra to avoid the airline, despite them flying to the very same airport she intends to visit.

In a post on Mumsnet, one woman told how her partner's mother was refusing to fly with Ryanair for an upcoming family holiday, even though it was significantly more expensive.

She wrote: "My husband and son (who will be nearly 5) and I are travelling to Spain in early July with the parents-in-law.

"I've been looking at the costs of the flights and we can fly into the same airport with Ryanair and save nearly £350 for our family of 3 vs booking the same flights with Jet2.

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"The times are very similar (early morning outbound and mid-afternoon returning).

"I mentioned this to my mother-in-law yesterday and she warned me quite strongly against booking anything with Ryanair.

"I know they don't have the best reputation for punctuality, but she even said that irrespective of what we choose to do, she's not going to fly with Ryanair and would rather pay the extra.

"This is crazy, right? Or am I missing something?"

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She added that it was "only a 2.5 hour flight" and while there was a risk of rowdy parties, she could "tolerate anything" to save that much money.

Despite her mother-in-law's choice being a much more expensive one, other people were on her side.

One wrote: "Flew with Ryanair couple of years ago and ended up feeling like I was sat in a zoo. Kids running everywhere, people swearing. I avoid it for the same reasons I avoid Vue cinema."

Another said: "If the choice is Ryanair or not going, I’d not go."

However, others stuck up for the airline, suggesting people were being snobby by refusing to fly with them.

One person argued: "You will have a decent flight, good customer service, probably on time and get on with your holiday.

"Sounds like your MIL will find something to complain about, regardless of if it goes well."

Another added: "I've flown with Ryanair, the first time against my better judgement because I was being snobby and I was pleasantly surprised."

One of the main perks of flying with Ryanair is the cheap air fares, but the airline's boss has warned that they could shortly be a thing of the past.

Michael O'Leary has explained that fares will remain high due to "robust demand" for flights this summer.

The need for flights is coming from both American and Asian tourists who are planning trips to Europe following the scrapping of Covid restrictions.

He added: "I don’t think you’ll see £9.99 flights for a long time."

Meanwhile, Ryanair passengers have been warned about a "booking rip off" that could see them pay more.

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