A FREQUENT flyer has revealed how she manages to sleep comfortably during flights, even when she's sitting in the dreaded middle seat.

The window and aisle seats are often considered to be the most comfortable on planes, but some unlucky passengers always end up in the middle.

For most people, that can end up severely limiting their chances of getting a good night's sleep.

But Tiktoker and regular traveller Jiny Maeng (@jinymaeng) explained how that doesn't always need to be the case.

In a video, she explained the best way to get to sleep when sitting in the worst seats on planes – and it's not necessarily how you'd imagine.

Firstly, Jiny doesn't bother reclining the seat. Instead she leans forward, insisting it's much more comfortable than leaning back.

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She said: "This is how to sleep comfortably on a plane, middle seat version.

"When you're sitting between two strangers, a lot of people have an issue with putting your seat all the way back."

She then puts the tray table down, and uses the pillow and blanket provided by the airline as well as her jacket to create a way to feel more comfortable.

She continued: "First, put the seat table down and get your three best friends the jacket, blanket and the pillow.

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"Pile them up nicely, one by one. And with the pillow, put it up vertically and then rest your head.

"If you want to be more comfortable, hug the pile by putting your arm through it.

"And there you have it. Your neck won't hurt as much."

Jiny's video has been seen nearly two million times since it was shared, with other people agreeing with the methods.

One wrote: "I did this on the bus back from a school camp with my friends and it actually works."

Another said: "Big help, thanks so much."

A third added: "I always do this it’s so comfy."

Martin Seeley, the CEO and sleep expert at MattressNextDay also knows a thing or two about getting to sleep, even on planes.

He revealed his best tips on how to doze off at 35,000 feet.

He firstly recommends walking through duty-free, while avoiding sitting down at boarding gates can also help.

Choosing where to sit can also improve your comfort on your flight and there are lots of little things that can affect which seats are best.

Firstly, you should avoid sitting near the toilets as that tends to be the busiest area on the plane.

Instead, you should pick a seat in the same row as the wing.

Not only is this likely to be the quietest area but as the wing is usually where the emergency exit is based, you could also have more leg room.

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Meanwhile, this travel expert revealed how they avoid jet lag on every single flight.

And there is a clever plane seat hack that could also improve your sleep on planes.

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