A NURSE has revealed a very clever method to prevent your ears hurting during flights.

Changes in cabin pressure during take off and landing can press air onto passengers' ear drums, causing some people to feel pain.

However, there are a few ways in which that pain can be relieved, including chewing gum, swallowing and yawning.

Another method that can help involves cups and paper towels soaked in hot water.

Ear nurse and Tiktoker, Charlotte Stanley (@the_ear_nurse) filmed herself showing how the "hack" works during a recent flight.

In the video, she put the paper towels inside the cups and placed them over her ears, which she explains helps to stabilise the pressure.

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She said: "Ear ache while flying sucks. I'm going to show you the earache hack in real time.

"Ask your flight attendant for two plastic cups with hot paper towels. Trust me, they'll know exactly what you're asking for.

"Put these on both of your ears, causing an airtight seal.

"The steam helps stabilise the pressure in the middle ear.

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"It's all to do with barometric pressure. When the plane rapidly climbs or descends, it changes the pressures so quickly that the eustachian tube often can't keep up.

"It can be used on adults and children."

Charlotte's video has been seen more than 835,000 times, with lots of people thanking her for her advice, or confirming that it works.

One said: "If I ever end up needing to fly when sick, I'll try this. It's happened twice when I had to fly sick and was nearly deaf both times."

Another wrote: "This absolutely works – a flight attendant taught us this when my six year old had an issue on a flight home many years ago!"

A third added: "Flight attendants did this for me back in 1981. Throwback!"

Although some people don't enjoy the sensation of their ears popping during flights, there are those who claim it's a good thing.

Despite it being uncomfortable, it's actually beneficial for us.

In a video on TikTok, a pilot called Morgan explained why it is a good thing and how to make it happen.

She said: "Trust me when I say, you want your ears to pop.

"Your ears popping is your body's way of relieving the pressure that has built up so that you don't have something like a burst eardrum."

Meanwhile, this cabin crew member has revealed the weird item they pack that also helps with the problem.

And here's why you should never fall asleep during take off or landing.

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