A NEW ultimate interactive beer experience has arrived at one of Europe's most popular holiday destinations.

The immersive exhibit Pilsner Urquell: The Original Beer Experience, promises to bring the story of the famous Pilsner beer to life in a completely unique way. 

Doors have already opened to members of the public, ahead of the summer.

The exhibit features interactive and audiovisual elements, using new technology to reveal the long history of the popular brew.

The Pilsner Urquell Experience is located in the historic building of the original headquarters of the Prague Credit Bank in the lower part of Wenceslas Square in Prague, which is a never-before-seen attraction.

There, visitors will get to experience the story of the creation of the world's first golden lager and explore the brewing processes in an innovative and interactive format.

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The multi-sensory experience is largely based on the use of state-of-the-art technology.

The Original Tour first takes guests through the history of Pilsner Urquell beer.

Then the multimedia hi-tech tour tells the story of the original Pilsner lager, with the help of a 360° interactive game zone, and includes a tasting of Pilsner Urquell tank beer in a modern beer hall.

The latest audio guide, which automatically connects to the elements of the exhibition as visitors move through the spaces, conveys the experience in several world languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Mandarin.

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Visitors can also learn about the history of Czechia’s most popular beer and the brewing process through a self-guided tour which tells the story of the iconic beverage.

Additional premium activities such as the Czech Flavour Adventure, Tasting Flight Tour and Tapster Academy, which teaches you how to pour the perfect Czech pint, are available to pre-book.

The experience is spread across 3,000 square metres and three floors, and also incorporates a beer hall, a restaurant serving Czech specials, and a shop selling exclusive Pilsner Urquell merchandise.

The creators of the experience promise to "immerse you in the story of the famous drink" with video mapping, audio headphones, stage fog and temperature changes.

The technology is designed to target all your senses, utilising smell, audio and taste to give people a greater appreciation of what goes into the drink.

The multimedia experience claims to "fill the gap in interactive tourist attractions in Prague".

It is hoped that it can replicate the success of beverage-themed brand experiences elsewhere, such as the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin and the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam.

Visits last approximately 90 minutes and include three free beers during and after the tour.

The tour insists that guests can "experience the original Pilsner like never before".

If you fancy visiting, flights to Prague are less than two hours from the UK, and start from as little as £19.99 with Ryanair.

Meanwhile, a new Gruffalo attraction is set to open in the UK next month.

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