Traveller left infuriated after making embarrassing blunder at the airport – but would you have fallen for it too? | The Sun

A TRAVELLER was left furious after making an embarrassing gaffe at an airport – prompting others to wonder whether they'd do so too.

The holiday-maker revealed on Reddit the blunder they only realised they'd made too late, while waiting to board a plane.

And it sparked off a debate suggesting, would you have fallen into the travel trap too?

Reddit user @coraythan shared a photograph of what confronted them ahead a flight when hoping to top up their mobile's battery.

Yet what looked like a plug socket on the wall proved to be a ruse.

They posted: "Went to charge my phone at the airport."

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This was accompanied by a photo with an arrow pointing to the apparent socket, only with the words added: "This is a sticker."

The revelation sparked off laughter among others – and also suggestions about how many others might be tricked too.

One commenter posted: "Who needs a phone to pass the time?

"I would just sit there and watch how many people tried to plug stuff in."

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The original poster, from South Eugene in the US state of Oregon, replied: "Yup. That was me. You would get to watch me."

But they were told by someone else: "I'm sorry. But this is just good clean fun. A legit harmless prank."

Another mischief fan boasted, "I have a bunch of these stickers", while it was also suggested: "I put these up all the time. Happy to help."

Yet more critical judgments on the tease included "Diabolical" and "This is just evil".

There was also scorn for the sticker being wonky – and also too close to the wall.

Coraythan replied to one suggestion a socket wouldn't be positioned so, by confessing: "After I tried putting my charger plug in the sticker I realised just how foolish I had been to not notice the signs."

The photo was originally shared in a Reddit sub-forum called "Mildly infuriating" – but one reader remarked: "This is mildly hilarious."

Last year Vision Direct baffled travellers at Liverpool's John Lennon Airport by installing a fake departures board to raise awareness about the trial of contact lens vending machines.

Travel experts have about potentially more ruinous mistakes many make when heading on holiday such as forgetting passports or leaving items on planes.

A TV presenter has recommended putting a shoe in your safe alongside important travel documents to ensure you pick them all up together before setting off.

Meanwhile, a Tiktok user showed the extreme lengths she goes to to ensure no one breaks into her hotel room on arrival – while this £1 household item could also help keep you safe when there.

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Another potentially-costly error is not taking out travel insurance, with a poll suggesting one in five British holiday-makers go without.

And a mum was shocked to be punished by her airline – to the tune of an extra £70 bill – for not filling in middle names when buying.

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