A WOMAN has revealed why she always films her luggage before going on holiday.

Passengers frequently come up with new methods to keep their belongings safe when they travel abroad.

Robin, who is known as robinontheroad on TikTok, recently recorded a video of her luggage before she boarded a flight.

A caption over the video read: "I always record my luggage when I'm in line to check-in at the airport, just in case, for evidence. It's saved me twice."

The video showed Robin spinning her green carry-on suitcase and her black rucksack, so she could get a good shot of them for the camera.

In the comments, she explained that she films her luggage in case her suitcase is lost or damaged during a flight.

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The video, which has had more than 490,000 views, has been praised by people on the social media platform.

Many users in the comments thanked Robin for sharing her tip, while others said they were going to use the travel hack in the future.

One person wrote: "I'm going to start doing this! I also put an AirTag in my bags with a lock to make sure it arrived with me."

Someone else added: "This and a picture of what you packed, especially any jewellery or other high-ticket items."

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A third said: "I always try not to fly with checked luggage, but when I do, this is a great tip!"

As well as filming pieces of luggage, there are steps you can take to prevent your luggage from being lost.

Start by avoiding checking a bag in the first place, as sticking to carry-on luggage not only saves you money but means you don't have to hang around at the baggage carousel.

There are also multiple devices available that may help you track your luggage, like Airtags.

Being proactive by preparing your luggage with a tag or tracker would help in the event that it is lost. 

You will be able to use your phone to find out exactly where it is.

Travel experts at Air Advisor have revealed the four steps you should take if you lose your bags and also provided advice on how you can prevent your luggage from going astray.

This includes making sure to keep your receipts of any replacements you buy so the airline can reimburse you for your new stuff.

Meanwhile, one passenger has revealed the bizarre place her lost luggage ended up after she honeymooned in Greece.

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