Man overboard sirens sound as 15-year-old boy falls to his death on luxury liner returning to Miami after five-day Caribbean cruise: Firm says it was a suicide

  • The unnamed 15-year-old leapt from the 16th floor, hitting the 8th floor deck of the MSC Seashore ship before falling into the water around 7.30 pm Wednesday
  •  MSC characterized the death aboard their ship, which was returning to Miami after 5 days through the Carribean and Bahamas, as a suicide in a press release
  • Viral videos of passengers reacting to the ship’s ‘man overboard’ announcement have been shared thousands of times on social media
  •  On December 12, a woman in her 20’s presumably died after falling overboard from a Carnival Cruises ship traveling from Long Beach to Mexico

A 15-year-old boy jumped to his death from a cruise ship returning to Miami in an apparent suicide leap from the luxury liner as it was returning from a five-day voyage through the Caribbean.

The unidentified teen leaped off the 16th deck of the brand-new 20-level MSC Seashore, hitting the eighth-floor deck before landing in the water, according to officials from the cruise line. 

‘A young man traveling with his family on board MSC Seashore appears to have died of suicide Wednesday evening. Our team immediately notified authorities and our care team is assisting the young man’s family on board,’ cruise officials said.

‘All of us at MSC Cruises are heartbroken. The family remains in our thoughts and prayers.’ 

Passengers were alerted around 7.30 pm on Wednesday with three short blasts of the horn and a ‘man overboard’ alarm. 

‘We just had 3 emergency blasts following captain’s announcement “Man Overboard.” People started running to the sides to investigate what happen, although it’s nighttime,’ a passenger on the ship told Crew Center. 

‘A crew member came to our cabin and instructed us to close the balcony door and draw the blinds. Police will board tomorrow when we return to Miami to investigate this tragic event.’

A video posted by a TikTok user on the cruise liner shows how dark the waters were the night that the unnamed 15-year-old leapt overboard from an MSC Seashore ship on Wednesday

The teen jumped from the 16th floor deck of the ship, hitting the 8th floor deck before falling into the water

Sad to report last night on our cruise a 15 year old fell from the 16th floor. He sadly did not make it #cruiseship #cruise

An emotional passenger whose YouTube username is ‘Fancy CheapSkate’ reacted in real-time to the alarm, running to look out her window with her mouth agape when a voice on the announcement system said that there was a ‘man overboard port side.’

Panicked, she begins yelling ‘man overboard’ out the window, too.      

‘The ship is still moving. I was really hoping that it would come to a stop. I don’t expect a ship this huge to come to a stop, on a dime,” said the passenger.

‘It would probably take some time, but I don’t know what they’re gonna do. If they’re gonna send a lifeboat out for a search. I just feel like we’re still moving. It just feels so wrong. It still feels like we’re still going forward.’ 

Another passenger, TikTok user @AustinHamaway, also shared the announcement on his account. He briefly showed the dark waters outside the ship before entering the cruise liner’s hallway. 

‘The guy that jumped off ended up not making it,’ @AustinHamaway said in a follow up video, saying that his parents had spoken with the parents of the 15-year-old before the incident he would update viewers with further information.

@AustinHamaway shared the announcement on TikTok from the cruise liner’s hallway

#cruise #cruiseship #msc #manoverboard

‘The guy that jumped off ended up not making it,’ the user said in a follow up video, saying that his parents had spoken with the parents of the 15-year-old before the incident. 

After a long period of time sequestered in their rooms, passengers were told that there was ‘no reason to be concerned,’ and that the cruise was proceeding to Miami, where authorities would investigate the fatal incident.  

The Seashore became the newest addition to the MSC fleet in November, and was returning to Miami after a five-day cruise to the Caribbean.

The tragic death was the second aboard a cruise ship this month.

On December 12, a woman in her 20s died after falling into the Pacific from the balcony of a Carnival cruise ship during a sailing from Long Beach to Mexico. Police believe the woman was pushed and the FBI is investigating.  

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