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X-FACTOR star Levi Davis has been missing for almost six months – yet the hunt for him has only thrown up more questions than answers.

Barcelona police remain tight-lipped over the case – even when they spoke to The Sun Online, insisting they could not offer any updates at all on the investigation.

His friends and family remain desperate for answers – and his mysterious disappearance has cast a long shadow over the popular holiday destination city in Spain.

No one has come forward to admit what happened to Levi after he was last seen by a bartender leaving The Old Irish Pub on October 29.

The aspiring singer and talented rugby player had a glittering future, but then he appears to vanish off the face of the Earth.

The latest update on the disappearance of the rugby star was given by the Catalan cops in February when they announced the case was handed over to a specialist crime team.


Levi Davis’ haunting last voice note sent hours AFTER vanishing is revealed

I was the last person see Levi Davis – and here is what I saw, says bartender

But police still refuse to confirm if they have any leads, or any active lines of inquiry, and there have been no public searches for Levi.

Cops have simultaneously said he may have vanished voluntarily, and they may have been the victim of foul play, in an apparent contradiction.

The silence from the police has left an information vacuum – which is filled with various theories on what happened to Levi.

So nearly six months since the Bath winger vanished, The Sun Online tried to retrace his steps in Ibiza and Barcelona.

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Several questions arose during our five-day search in Spain – but obviously, the most burning one is simply, where is Levi?

Why did Levi go to Barcelona and who did he meet?

It remains unknown why the former X-factor star decided to travel to the Catalan capital- especially on such short notice.

On October 29, Levi went to Ibiza Town and boarded a Balearia ferry heading to Barcelona, a trip of approximately 9 hours.

The former rugby player had spent two weeks in Ibiza staying with his close friend Richard Squire as he was on a break following a knee injury.

He had told him he would be travelling to Barcelona to "meet some mates."

Who Levi met upon arriving remains unknown.

Our reporter retraced Levi's steps since the beginning of the trip in Ibiza Town port.

The first question that strikes us – why did Levi decide to travel by ferry?

There are everyday domestic flights from Ibiza to Barcelona and a quick search reveals flying is a faster and cheaper way to arrive in Catalonia.

As we board the ferry at 10 am- the same route Levi chose on October 29- we wonder why he didn't choose the one-hour flight that during non-peak tourist season would have cost him about 30 euros.

Even though the sun is out, we feel a chilly breeze as we head to the top deck of the ferry.

We notice that the majority of passengers are those who need to transport their vehicle and only a handful choose the ferry to travel on foot.

Around 7pm the ferry docks in Barcelona’s busy port and we head to the city centre.

Levi's last sighting was recorded at the Old Irish Pub in Las Ramblas nearly three hours after he arrived in Barcelona.

The place has a traditional Irish pub vibe, decorated with shamrocks as a big leprechaun greets visitors at the entrance.

Whether he spoke or met with someone in the meantime remains a mystery.

Speaking to the bartender who served Levi that night, she says that Levi was sitting alone.

He had a pint watching the Liverpool vs Leeds game on TV before heading off around 10.

"He was alone and sat at the front near the door and had a beer. He had his backpack with him," she said.

Earlier last month, after meeting with Spanish cops, his family said that investigators had identified the last person who he was in contact with.

Where are Levi's belongings?

Levi was last seen leaving the Old Irish pub on October 29, wearing jeans, and a white T-shirt.

Footage of him leaving the pub, show he was carrying a black backpack with him.

It is also confirmed by the bartender who told us "Levi seemed normal. He didn't stay long and left around 10pm."

The black backpack which contained his belongings including his laptop has never been found.

As we stroll through bustling Las Ramblas, we realise why Barcelona is often dubbed the "pickpocketers capital."

A local source who lives in the area tells us that criminals are exceptionally skilled in pickpocketing.

He says another tactic they use is to throw tourists to the ground and use whistling to identify and track their targets.

This makes us wonder, is it possible Levi fell victim to a robbery that went wrong?

Who has Levi's phone?

Another compelling mystery is who has Levi's phone.

Even though the device remains missing there has been some use of it suggesting that Levi or someone else must be on hold of it.

It was last pinged later the night he went missing in Barcelona's Sants train station.

The station is a 40-minute walk from the tourist area of Las Ramblas- suggesting the young man would probably not have walked there.

He was not seen by any CCTV at the station. So why was his phone pinged in the area? Was Levi mugged?

Did you see Levi? Email [email protected] and [email protected] or WhatsApp 07741005808 for free if you have any information.

A friend of the Bath winger previously revealed that a message they sent to the star two months after his disappearance had in fact been read.

In the December 15 message, which has been shared with The Sun Online, Levi’s friend pleaded: “Please come home. I love you. And miss you xx.”

Who read the last message on Levi's phone?

It adds to the question of how Levi's 38 Instagram contacts were mysteriously deleted.

Private investigator Gavin Burrows, who is no longer working on the case, discovered in February that someone had accessed Levi's account and deleted the contacts.

So is Levi still using his phone or someone else?

Why was Levi's passport found nearly a month after his disappearance?

The single trace of Levi that has been found during the probe was his passport.

It was discovered near a cargo shipment in Barcelona almost 20 days after he went missing.

Upon arrival at Barcelona's bustling harbour, we notice a massive difference from Ibiza's quiet port.

The port in Barcelona is busy with travellers rushing to the nearby station to get a taxi and several workers on the docks.

We immediately think- how is it possible to take this long to find a passport in such a busy area? Was it perhaps left there days after Levi disappeared?

One of the many theories regarding Levi's fate suggests he may have drowned in Barcelona-if that is true, how was his passport found at the docks? 

Despite reports of two potential sightings weeks after his disappearance, Levi's trail has gone cold.

A witness claimed they had seen him wandering near La Boqueria market, close to the Irish pub where he was last seen. 

The same witness said they had seen him looking "lost and confused" near the Placa Sant Agusti Vell in the city's Arc de Triomf monument.

Key information might have been lost as Levi was reported missing by Squire on November 6-a week after he disappeared.

And it took another two weeks for his passport to be found.

The police probe appears to have moved slowly- with Barcelona's Mossos d'Esquadra launching a probe into the missing star days later.

Despite not giving any updates, they insist the investigation is ongoing.

What are the "disturbing details" of Levi's case that cops discovered?

In one of the few updates Spanish police have given during the search for Levi's whereabouts, officers spoke of "disturbing details" surrounding his disappearance.

Levi's case was handed over to a specialist crime unit in February.

Catalan cops said it contained "disturbing" issues with "no logical explanation".

Despite asking to clarify what could "disturbing details" mean, press officers in Barcelona's Corts Police station, declined to answer as Spanish law prevents them from commenting on open investigations.

Speaking to The Sun Online, the only thing they could say was that after following up with the investigators they could confirm it remains a missing person investigation.

Press Officers said they are aware of all existing theories including those of "Somalian pirates" and are "open to all possibilities."

When asked about the limited updates on Levi's case they explained that in missing person cases, they need to consider the possibility the person has disappeared voluntarily- even though they previously discarded that possibility.

But the question remains- what are the "disturbing details" surrounding Levi's disappearance?

Does it have anything to do with the haunting final video the missing star had posted before he went missing?

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The former X-factor star had shared a now-deleted video saying he was being blackmailed by criminals who threatened to kill him and his family.

Or perhaps the "disturbing details"could refer to the theory that Levi was being hunted down by a Somalian gang over a £100,000 debt.

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