COPS have released the chilling 911 call that captured the fatal moments after a Florida mother was shot dead by her own toddler during a Zoom call.  

Altomatone Police released the recordings following Shamaya Lynn's death from a fatal headshot on Wednesday after her young child had found a “unsecured” loaded handgun in the family’s apartment.

The incident was witnessed by distressed colleagues on a Zoom call who quickly dialled 911.

In the first of two clips, one can be heard telling a dispatcher she had seen a toddler in the background and heard a noise before Lynn, 21, fell backward and never returned to the call. 

"One of the girls just passed out. She’s bleeding. She has her camera on," a coworker says.

"She just fell back and her nose was bleeding … I don't know if something hit, she hit the desk, I don't know. All I heard — we heard a loud kaboom, and she then leaned back and we just saw blood from her face," Lynn’s colleague says.

"The baby's back there crying, she's not answering or anything. We're calling her name, she's not talking or responding."

In another 911 call, the woman’s boyfriend – who was not identified – can also be heard pleading with the dispatcher to send help. 

"I literally just got home. And I come in the room and my girlfriend, she was working on the computer, she's just laid back. There's blood everywhere!" he says.

"Come on, come on, come on! Come on now, hurry, please hurry! Please! I don't know what happened, I just went in the house. I just came through the door!" 

When medics arrived they found that Shamaya had suffered a gunshot wound to her head.

Despite their efforts to resuscitate, she was sadly declared dead at the scene.

It promoted Officer Robert Ruiz Jr to issue a stark warning about the dangers of firearms.

He said: "If you own a firearm, please keep it locked and secured. Incidents like this could be avoided."

Police have confirmed that no charges have yet been filed in the case, although the investigation is ongoing.

Anyone who has information should contact the Altamonte Springs Police Department at (407) 339-2441 or dial 911.

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