Ongoing feud between two men erupts at Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Nicaragua when a man blasted another attendee with a chair blast because he didn’t want him to drink anymore

  • An August 13 Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at a local chapter in Nicaragua ended in violence when an attendee was hit with a chair
  • The incident reportedly stemmed from a long-running feud between the men who are battling alcoholism
  • A video of the incident shows the aggressor yelling at the victim, who is sitting in a chair, before he delivered the chair shot to the left side of the head and arm
  • The victim, who happens to suffer from a physical disability, declined to press charges 

A long-running feud between two men from a town in Nicaragua finally exploded when one of the individuals slammed a chair over his rival’s head during an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

Video footage showed the aggressor admonishing the victim during a mid-August session at the office of a local chapter in Los Ángeles, Managua.

The man picked up a wooden chair and delivered a shot to the victim, hitting him on the left side of the head and arm after he had reportedly confronted him about drinking alcohol.

The force of the chair shot surprisingly didn’t drop the man to the floor, as he remained seated. 

People in the background can be heard shouting at the attacker, asking why he hit the man, while others rushed to his said to check on him.

The aggressor then walked behind a podium and put his blazer on before leaving.

A video that was recorded at an August 13 meeting at an Alcoholics Anonymous chapter in Managua, Nicaragua, captured the harrowing moment an attendee struck another man with a chair because he wanted him to stop drinking. Rene Brautigam, a recovering alcoholic, confirmed to, the aggressor and the victim had been at odds for a while

A man winds up with a chair before striking another individual he had personal differences with at a Alcoholics Anonymous chapter session in Nicaragua on August 13

Rene Brautigam, a recovering alcoholic, confirmed to, that the victim suffers from physical disability on his left hand.

He added that man chose not to press charges.

‘These were two people who had personal differences and they ran into each other in an Alcoholics Anonymous group,’ Brautigam said during a phone interview.

An Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at a local chapter in the Nicaragua capital city of Managua ended in violence when one of the attendees attack a man who suffered from a physical disability 

A bystander checks on an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting attendee after he was attacked with a chair

Brautigam, who had battled alcoholism for a dozen years, lamented that the organization’s reputation was impacted in a negative way by the aggressor’s violent behavior that has gone viral after the video was shared on social media.

He added that the attacker’s actions were not in line with Alcoholics Anonymous spiritually-inclined Twelve Step program.

‘It is not an Alcoholics Anonymous practice. It does not represent Alcoholics Anonymous. They are totally isolated events,’ he said. ‘We had not seen such an aggression during my time here.

‘Such an aggression of this magnitude had not been seen. It was painful because today the name of Alcoholics Anonymous is tied to it. It is an organization that has helped millions of people in the world.’ contacted the local Alcoholics Anonymous chapter in Nicaragua for comment.

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