Adorable clingy baby panda refuses to let go of zookeeper's leg

Meet Fu Bao – the adorable baby panda who absolutely will not leave her zookeeper alone.

The six-month-old bear, which lives at the Everland Zoo in South Korea, became an instant hit with visitors and online audiences alike.

Although she could only officially be viewed by the public since the beginning of January, the zoo has regularly updated its social media channels with heartwarming videos and pictures of the cub.

And this footage, which shows the panda clinging to its zookeeper’s leg even when he tries to remove her and move away, appears to have been the most popular so far.

Fu Bao was born on July 20 last year to seven-year-old mum Ai Bao and eight-year-old dad Le Bao.

She was originally receiving veterinary care since birth due to health concerns – but seems to have made a recovery.

Chinese president Xi Jinping gave the parent pandas to Korea in 2016 after the ‘panda diplomacy’ agreement made during a summit between Korea and China in July 2014.

Fu Bao was the first panda to be born in Korea and it is rare for a panda to be born without an accompanying visitation of Chinese officials, who were unable to attend due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The name Fu Bao, meaning ‘a treasure that brings happiness’, was picked from some 50,000 name recommendations made by the public.

The cub was pictured with K-pop girl band Blackpink in a reality TV episode in November, leading to an online backlash.

Fu Bao weighed just 197g at birth but is growing every day and is now 10kg, according to the zoo.

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