Swiss OnlyFans star Melba Monti says that her choice of career makes it hard to live in a small town.

Melba, who lives in the southern Swiss town of Locarno, complains that everywhere she goes in her neighbourhood, people shout “Hey, OnlyFans!”

In some cases, she says, she is faced with “aggressive outbursts” as a result of her career choice. Melba says she rarely leaves her apartment because of the harassment she gets in the street.

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"Why can't I do what I like and earn?”, she told Swiss news site Ticinonline.

"Eroticism is a world that has always fascinated me, I'm not ashamed to say it.

But, Melba adds, she takes great exception when she’s called a “prostitute” by critics.

“There are those who claim that I sell my body, but I actually sell my body image,” she stresses I would never prostitute myself”.

She says that being an OnlyFans model is very much a full-time job.

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“I went on holiday with some friends,” Melba says, “[but] I often had to sneak off to respond to requests from my followers.

“There are people who pay me for content, and I can't leave them wanting. In a sense, if you’re doing a job like this you’re never off-duty”.

The 23-year-old says she’s told her parents all about her OnlyFans career, and they’ve been very open-minded about it.

“They have always been open-minded,” Melba adds. “My mother taught me that it is better to do things openly rather than in secret. Even my father couldn't fault it ".

But Melba says the catcalls from her neighbours are getting to her, and she dreams of moving to a big city, where she can live anonymously.

In Milan, for example, “there are a lot of girls who do these things and nobody says anything”.

Asked about how she will feel about her OnlyFans work when she’s older, Melba says: “Maybe someday I might regret doing this job. But now I don't worry about it”.

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