Aiden Fucci trolls who claim involvement in Tristyn Bailey death 'could do prison time for interfering in murder probe'

AIDEN Fucci trolls who have claimed to be involved in the death of Tristyn Bailey "could do prison time for interfering in murder probe."

Police say they have been inundated with reports about trolls claiming to be part of the 13-year-old's death and that they are investigating every tip.

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The local news team, WJXT I-TEAM, has also been flooded with reports of people on social media claiming they were involved in the girl's death.

Some of the posts taunt the victim's family and friends. The cheerleader's social media accounts were also targeted by vile trolls.

One post shows a picture of a bloody knife, which they claim was used in her murder.

The posters are using the hashtag #FreeAiden.

Sheriff Rob Hardwick told WJXT his detectives have been bombarded with "hundreds and hundreds of leads."

"We’re trying to figure out is this real, is this legit, is this coming from a person that’s a possible witness?" he said.

"We’re going to find out with every single lead."

He added that crime analysts have identified some of the accounts and that there are witnesses who still need to be questioned, potentially altering the case.

According to the Florida State Statutes, someone could be charged with interfering with the investigation if it's resisting an officer or providing false information.

Attorney Gene Nichols, not affiliated with the case, told the outlet: "Can somebody go and post something stupid on the internet, which is what’s happening here? Yes.

"The question is whether or not they know what they’re doing is impacting a criminal investigation.

"And what we have seen and what we know is the sheriff’s office has these individuals, they know who they are, and if these individuals continue to keep posting."

Fucci was charged this week with the murder of Bailey after her body was found in the woods.

The teen is currently being held at a juvenile detention center in Daytona Beach.

Tristyn Bailey, 13, was last seen in St Johns, Florida, after being reported missing by her family at 10am on Sunday.

Her classmate, 14-year-old Fucci, was arrested just hours later and charged with second-degree murder.

He allegedly posted a Snapchat photograph of himself in the back of a squad car holding up a peace sign asking where Tristyn was, which has left family and friends disgusted.

Authorities said that the teen cheerleader was stabbed a "horrific" number of times.

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Given the nature of the crime, experts believe Fucci could be tried as an adult.

"The state attorney does have the discretion to refer a 14 or 15-year-old for a direct file to be tried as an adult under murder charges," lawyer Curtis Fallgatter, who is not involved in the case, told First Coast News.

The lawyer added that the second-degree murder charge is the most severe he can face at the moment.

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