Aldi's Welsh signs gaffe 'after confusing two different Newport's'

Aldi baffles shoppers by putting up signs in Welsh ‘after confusing Newport on Isle of Wight with Newport in South Wales’

  • Shoppers on the Isle of Wight thought they’d wondered into South Wales  

German store firm Aldi has raised eyebrows after confusing Newport on the Isle of Wight with Newport in South Wales, 150 miles away.

A refurb at Aldi’s supermarket in Cowes, near Newport on the island in the English Channel, has seen the introduction of self-service checkouts.

Ahead of them becoming operational, new signage has been installed to indicate to shoppers the alternative way of checking out.

However, somewhere along the line, instructions have been lost in translation because the signage is in Welsh!

Chuckling shoppers think those responsible for the printing and installation of the in-store signage have become confused as to Aldi Cowes’ location, mistaking it for being near Newport in South Wales, 150 miles away.

The Aldi store is located in Newport on the Isle of Wight but was mixed up with Newport in South Wales

As a result some of the signs in the shops had Welsh language on them confusing some shoppers 

The incorrect signage reads ‘Hunan Checkouts Arian parod a cherdyn’, which in English translates as ‘self checkouts, cash and card’.

It’s understood new signage has been ordered.

The supermarket said it was ‘an honest mistake’.

One Facebook user praised the store for ‘warmly welcoming Welsh visitors’ while others wondered how the sign was put up before the error was detected.

Aldi said it had removed the sign but declined to comment further.

Recently, rival supermarket Asda said it ‘hung its head’ in shame after printing ‘Isle of White’ on special carrier bags to mark the opening of a branch at Newport on the island.

A badly-translated sign at an Asda store in Cwmbran offered free alcohol instead of alcohol-free drinks in 2019.

The supermarket chain also put up English-Welsh signage at a store in Cambridge as a ‘temporary measure’ in 2013.

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