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As funnyman Adam Sandler went viral for his playoff-caliber street ball performance — if not for his hoops attire — Big Apple mayoral hopeful Andrew Yang hit the famed West 4th Street Courts with a performance that would embarrass even the worst Knicks teams.

Yang tossed nothing but bricks Wednesday afternoon during a visit to the legendary West Village hoops hotspot that was captured on a video as he campaigns for the June 22 Democratic primary.

The 19-second video begins with the 46-year-old’s first shot bouncing off the rim.

Another player on the court bounces the basketball back to Yang, who struggles to handle the pass, then attempts to dribble the ball between his legs before trying his hand at a jump shot.

That shot, too, doinked off the rim.

Twitter — never the place for sympathy — held little back.

Ryan Songalia, a writer, wrote: “Yang is exceedingly wack at basketball.”

A New Yorker-turned-Texan, Evan Smith, snarked: “ranked-choice basketball: maybe the third shot goes in.”

The shooting performance wouldn’t have been out of place on some Knicks teams before their playoff run this year — squads that won so infrequently that, at one point, one major New York newspaper gave up covering the team and Yang abandoned his fandom to root for the also-playoff-bound Brooklyn Nets.

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