Fowl play! Owner of art centre has to lock up his peacock after it ‘trashed’ a visitor’s BMW by pecking at his own reflection in the vehicle’s shiny black paintwork

  • John Blunt’s peacock Toby is an ‘enormous attraction’ at the Ferrers Centre
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The owner of an arts and crafts centre has had to lock up his star attraction peacock after it ‘trashed’ a visitor’s BMW by pecking at its own reflection.

John Blunt is in charge of the Ferrers Centre in Staunton Harold, which is on the border of Derbyshire and Leicestershire.

Toby, Mr Blunt’s peacock, was seen pecking at the black paintwork of a shiny black BMW that was parked on the site causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage in the process.

‘I think it’s quite common if they see their reflection but it’s a first time for us’, the art centre owner told the BBC.

John Blunt’s peacock Toby (pictured) has had to be put in a pen after he caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage to a car

‘Being my peacock on my land it was my responsibility so I’m faced with a bill for the damage.’

Mr Blunt said that over time Toby has become an ‘enormous attraction’ at the Staunton Harold estate. 

He added that he is fearful that he may not be able to afford compensation for another damaged vehicle if Toby was allowed to roam free.

He has also since bought Toby a peahen mate in the hope that it may be able to calm him down so he can leave his pen.

However, Mr Blunt said the potential mate was ‘playing hard to get’ so it looks like Toby won’t be going anywhere any time soon. 

He still remains some hope that the pair may eventually fall in love and maybe some day produce little baby peacocks. 

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