ASDA shoppers were forced to flee when an argument erupted outside the supermarket and allegedly turned into a machete fight.

A man was stabbed during the fight that broke out on Friday evening at Asda's Chadderton store in Manchester.

Shoppers recalled the horrifying ordeal that left them "terrified" and running for safety at 6pm on Friday as police swarmed the supermarket.

Onlookers described seeing a machete, while one man allegedly shouted the n-word at the other.

"One of them was saying 'come outside I’m going to show you what I can do’. He was jumping around and he kept going in and out of Asda," one female witness told the Manchester Evening News.

“The security guard came and tried to split them up but basically it was getting out of hand. He went to him, I’ll sort you out when we’re outside.

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"I could just hear him screaming at the top of his voice. By the time they’d both gone outside, because the security had taken them outside everyone else just started screaming.

“My husband was in his car and I was on the phone to him telling him that there’s a fight. When my husband came outside he heard the white male calling the black male 'n*****'," the witness claims.

"He came running back and he took a machete out and he slashed the other man. He just walked away and then they were there still saying things to each other."

The witness continued: "It was very terrifying first time witnessed it living in Oldham for over 40 years. I'm always shopping at Asda sometimes alone and at times with my young children."

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Police officers reportedly tapped of the area as it was spotted with blood and asked other shoppers to return home.

The woman's husband said that he first noticed the incident when four men – who he claims looked about 20 – were dragged out of Asda by security guards.

"They started arguing about four of them all together," he said.

"One of them was shouting the n-word and I think that’s why he was getting more wound up, then after he pulled a machete from his bottoms."

The male witness continued: "He took a swing and he slashed the other lad, he swung and he got one of them and they all ran into the shop.

“He came back out and the lad and his friend came and they were screaming the n-word, then he ran back at them and they all ran inside."

The witness claimed that both the men got back to their friends and drove off before the police arrived.

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police said: "Greater Manchester Police were called to Milne Street in Chadderton at around 6pm last night to reports of a stabbing. Injuries sustained are believed not to be life-threatening.

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"Enquiries are ongoing with no arrests made at this time."

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