Aussie tourist's final act before fatal fall

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: The chilling 15 seconds of CCTV showing an Aussie tourist, 19, ‘tightrope’ walking on a pool wall in Thailand before tumbling six stories to his death when ‘prank’ goes horribly wrong – as witnesses break their silence

  • Aussie Joshua James Connell, 19, was killed after falling from a Thai pool area
  • CCTV footage shows him balancing on the Patong resort’s fencing and pool wall
  • Mr Connell slipped after spending a minute walking the wall/fence and fell 15m
  • He landed on the tin roof of a cafe and was later pronounced dead at hospital 

Confronting footage shows a 19-year-old Aussie tourist skylarking on top of a skinny white fence before he plunged six storeys to his death. 

Joshua James Connell was on holidays in Phuket, Thailand, when he leaped up onto a pool wall on the boundary of Paripas Patong Resort’s leisure area this week.

CCTV footage shows Mr Connell jumping onto the pool barrier at 5.43pm and walking along the edge for just over a minute.

Australian tourist Joshua James Connell, 19, was walking on a narrow pool wall and fence (above) before falling 15m to his death in Phuket, Thailand, on Thursday

CCTV footage shows Mr Connell climbing on to the resort’s pool wall (above), which separated tourists from the drop, at 5.43pm 

He then made a fatal decision to jump onto a narrow white fence.

Mr Connell (above) was visiting Patong, a district in Phuket, from Canberra when he fell to his death on Thursday

Mr Connell threw his arms in the air like a tightrope walker while trying to balance – but tragically fell after about 15 seconds.

Local media said he plummeted 15metres and landed on the tin roof of a cafe, where locals discovered him.

Mr Connell was rushed to hospital but pronounced dead shortly afterwards due to the severe injuries he suffered in the fall. 

Resident Ning Tanyaporn said he heard Mr Connell hit the roof.

‘I had just opened my shop and I heard a loud thunder sound. I thought a car had crashed or there was an explosion in their kitchen,’ he said.

‘People gathered around the restaurant and saw the foreign man on the roof. He was unconscious so someone called an ambulance. Everyone was shocked that he fell down and died.’

Mr Connell landed on a cafe’s tin roof after falling 15m from the resort’s pool area and was taken to hospital by emergency services at about 5.50pm (pictured, Mr Connell being lowered from the cafe roof)

Separate footage shows Mr Connell being lowered from the cafe roof in a stretcher. 

Police Lieutenant Colonel Kokiat Boonplod said emergency services arrived at the scene at about 5.50pm after receiving calls about a foreign man who fell from the hotel.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Kokiat, who is leading the investigation, said: ‘The roof of the restaurant hut was shattered and several tiles were on the floor. The deceased’s legs were twisted and he had wounds on his head.’

Police have reviewed CCTV footage of Mr Connell’s fall and do not believe anyone else was involved in his death.

Locals in the area said they were shocked by the ‘thunder sound’ as Mr Connell landed on the cafe (above) below the hotel

Officers have spoken to hotel staff about Mr Connell’s behaviour the day of his fall and why he was on the ledge.

Mr Connell’s body is undergoing an autopsy at Patong Hospital.

Patong is the most vibrant district of Phuket and home to the province’s bustling 24-hour adult nightlife.

Last month on May 17, Australian Billy James Simmons, 22, also fell to his death from a hotel on the same island.

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