Australia: 3-year-old found dead in car in Sydney

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A remote town in Australia is struggling to find a GP despite offering a lucrative package of £460,000 and a four-bedroom house. Apart from the compensation package and the house, the job also offers an added bonus to the successful applicant.

However, the town is still finding it difficult to find a successful applicant for the role.

Quairading, a rural town in Western Australia, will give the successful applicant a £460,000 salary and a rent-free 4-bedroom house.

Located on 170km east of Perth, and like many remote communities across Australia, the town authorities are facing the acute shortage of GPs.

The remote town is a house to 600 residents who are in desperate need of a GP since their previous doctor left months ago.

The residents were left shocked after a town just north of theirs shut its surgery doors for good after being unable to find a GP.

Observing the high demand of a GP, the local government is puting all its efforts to find a doctor for their residents.

The local government is also throwing in an added financial incentive of £6,900 if the GP stays two years and £13,200 if they stay five.

The old farming town is part of the Wheatbelt in Noongar Ballardong country and is known for its old hotel, railways and proximity to the Pink Lake and Mount Stirling.

Quairading Shire president Peter Smith told The West the council “will not stand by idle when the community has such a critical need”.

“If we don’t have a doctor, we won’t have a medical clinic, then we won’t have a hospital, we won’t have a chemist and so the demise will begin.”

According to the Australian Medical Association (AMA), Australia is expected to face a shortage of more than 10,600 GPs by 2031-2032.

The demand for doctors increased by 58 per cent between 2009-2019 as the supply of GPs has been failing to keep up with the dramatically increased demand.

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AMA President Professor Steve Robson said the issues were “unimaginable” and that their evidence showed the pressures on GPs would not ease.

Rural and remote communities have been the hardest hit by the shortage of doctors, and despite the attractive job offers, many towns are failing to lure in the much-needed medical professionals.

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