Awful moment woman spotted dismembering ‘dead body’ as Covid cases surge

A video emerged of a woman dismembering a sex doll has left viewers terrified as they mistook it as a dead body.

The clip went viral on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, after a parent took their children for a walk in their neighbourhood.

Filmed in Chongqing, south-west China, the clip shows a disturbing scene when a middle-aged woman ripping an arm off a life-like doll.

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She uses a sharp tool to slice the arm open as the doll lies on a concrete platform in the corner of a hidden street.

It takes the parent a while to realise it's a sex doll, rather than a "dead body".

"She scared the hell out of me!" the video captioned.

Viewers on Douyin had the same thought and many said they had to do a double take.

One woman wrote: "Why would she do that to a sex doll? It's horrible."

"Did she have a fight with her son and now she got rid of his toy?" another presumed while a third expressed: "The angle of the video is giving a psycho vibe…"

Others suggested that the pensioner was trying to remove the metals from the silicone doll and sell it for money.

"It appears that she is cutting it open and keeping the metal bits…might get a few bucks if they're heavy," a viewer commented.

"Free scrap metal, why not?" a second teased with a laughing emoji.

China reported an approximate of 60,000 Covid-related deaths in the country since the government eased the quarantine restrictions.

Grieving families were forced to wait for weeks to bid farewell to their friend and relatives who died of coronavirus.

Recent videos posted on Chinese social media showed families burning joss items on top of apparent bodies.

Crematoriums also reached their maximum capacity as one video showed dozens of bodies stacked in the car park.


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