Baby girl 'TAKEN just after being born when dad handed over child to his unknown friend who hasn't been seen since'

POLICE are looking for a baby who was reportedly taken just after birth by a friend of her father's, and has not been seen since.

The baby girl was reportedly born on January 5 at a home in the village of Albany, Wisconsin.

The girl's father then carried the child from the home, and handed her off to a thus-far unidentified acquaintance, police said.

It's unclear at this time who that acquaintance is or why the father would hand off his newborn child, but police said the child has been missing since.

The person who took the child was driving a gray Chevrolet Equinox, police said.

The Green County Sheriff's Office and Albany Police are now asking anyone who may have any knowledge of the child's whereabouts to come forward.

Authorities released a statement on Saturday asking for any information on anyone who has an unexplained possession of a white, female newborn baby.

They encouraged Albany residents to report any unusual discoveries on their property or elsewhere to police.

Police confirmed that due to the information they had obtained thus far, it was not appropriate to issue an Amber Alert for the child.

A search of the village of Albany has not yielded any clues about the girl's whereabouts so far, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

Police are asking anybody with information to contact the Green County Sheriff's Office at 608-328-9400, or Green County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-422-7463.

The village of Albany is in southern Wisconsin, about 30 miles from Madison.

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