Evil Tracey ­Connelly was driven out of a pound shop after being confronted by angry locals.

Baby P’s killer mum is now “too scared” to leave her bail hostel after being forced to flee the store, a source said.

Connelly, 40, has been wearing a facemask to ­disguise herself since she was ­released from jail last month.

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But her distinctive looks make her easily recognisable.

And she is now limiting her shopping trips after being shouted down in the aisles of the discount shop.

The source said: “Every time she goes out, she’s recognised because she’s notorious for what she did, and locals are aware she is in the town.

“Now she’s spending most of her time in the hostel ­because last month she was in one of the town’s pound shops and two women started having a go at her, telling her she was a disgrace and that she should still be in jail.

“She got out of the place quickly but is now scared that someone could well attack her physically next time.”

Vigilantes have made death threats against her, while ­callers have phoned her ­hostel to abuse her. Police are believed to be aware of the threats and Connelly could be moved to another town.

She was jailed in 2009 for causing or allowing the death of her 17-month-old son Peter in Tottenham, north London, in August 2007.

He had suffered 50 injuries at the hands of Connelly, stepdad Steven Barker and Barker’s brother Jason Owen.

Connelly’s successful ­parole bid was her fourth since being recalled to jail in 2015. She lost her previous ­appeal in 2019.

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