A YOUNG Ukrainian couple have chained themselves together for three months in the ultimate show of their love.

Alexander and Viktoria chose Valentine’s Day to weld themselves together, near the Unity sculpture in Kyiv. 

Vitaly Zorin, of Ukraine’s national register of records, supervised the experiment and verified the pair were “sane” before they started their personal lockdown.

A young Ukrainian couple have chained themselves together for three months as the ultimate test of their love.

“The palms of the couple in love are just a couple of centimetres apart,” Zorin said.

Alexander said the couple was “going for a record”. 

“There is a chain on us, and all the links are welded,” he said.

“The final link … is closed  with the seal of the national register of records." 

One test they hadn’t accounted for, arose during a 325 mile drive home from the capital city in a taxi.

They had to choose whether to jointly use the male or female toilets at a roadside cafe. 

They selected the women’s loo, providing a shock to a cleaner, as they began their lives with no personal space. 

The couple have posted videos showing how they are wearing specially developed clothing, with zips from top to bottom enabling them to dress and undress without Houdini-like contortions. 

Videos show them together in the bathroom taking it in turn to shower, and putting clothes in the washing machine.

 Alexander also manages to clean his boots. 

The romantic pair are confident that they can last the three months in such close proximity. 

Zorin explained that if they decide to separate during the three months, they will need specialists from the emergency services to cut them apart. 

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