Base jumper who leapt 320ft off Dorset chalk cliff and struck its edge before crash landing on pebble beach calls 999 himself and is flown to hospital with serious leg injuries

  • A man broke both his legs when he leapt off a 320ft cliff at Durdle Door, Dorset 
  • The basejumper hit the side of the cliff then landed on the pebble beach below
  • Despite his injuries, he was able to call 999 and was airlifted to hospital 

A daredevil basejumper was left seriously injured after a horror fall when he threw himself off a 320ft cliff at Durdle Door.

The extreme sportsman struck the side of the cliff at high speed after he opened his parachute.

He crash landed on the pebble beach beneath Swyre Head at Durdle Door, Dorset.

Despite being in agony after the shock accident, he was able to call 999 himself to get help.

Coastguards, a lifeboat crew and an air ambulance rushed to the scene by the seaside.

The man was airlifted to hospital after his base-jump off the cliff went horribly wrong

Emergency services including a helicopter, ambulances and the coastguard rushed to the scene 

The daredevil basejumper had broken both his legs but was able to call 999 to get help after the fall 

The injured man was placed on a stretcher and flown to hospital for urgent treatment.

A spokesman for Weymouth Lifeboat said: ‘We were tasked by the coastguard to an injured man on the beach at Durdle Door with significant injuries, who had himself called 999.

‘The man was a base jumper who crash landed on the beach and unfortunately sustained serious injuries to his legs.

‘The volunteer lifeboat crew started attending to him on the beach before handing over to the medics on the air ambulance. He was taken to hospital in Southampton.’

The man had attempted to leap off the 320ft chalk cliff in Durdle Door, Dorset

Emergency services who arrived at the scene said the man ‘struck the cliff’ after he jumped off

A spokesman for the Lulworth Coastguard, who also attended the incident, added that the basejumper had ‘struck the cliff’ on the descent.

He said: ‘The team arrived at Durdle Door in time to assist a SWASFT paramedic in locating the casualty, carrying rescue and medical equipment to the scene, a 10 minute walk along the beach.

‘An air ambulance also alerted to the incident landed on the beach and were with the casualty when we arrived.’

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