BBC Weather: Heavy thundery downpours expected in the UK

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BBC Weather’s Carol Kirkwood explained how 55.8mm (2.1inches) of rain had already fallen in Andrewsfield Essex. Temperatures have also been forecasted to range between 15 to 19 degrees and 18 to 24 degrees in parts of the country. Ms Kirkwood predicted more torrential rain as we head into the Friday and the weekend. And the Met Office has issued one yellow weather warning in the South East for thunderstorms.

Ms Kirkwood said: “This morning though the weather is not so brilliant for some of us.

“Depending of course on your point of view, we’re having some much needed rain across the South East.

“Heavy thundery downpours, but it is torrential some of it will just run off, it could lead to flash flooding and other problems as well.

“In Andrewsfield in Essex, in just two hours this morning, we had 55.8mm of rainfall.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “That’s getting on for the whole of the total for August that we would expect.

“Now we’ve got a weak band coming South, but this is where we’ve got the thunderstorms.

“They’re continuing through the morning, a lot of torrential downpours around them as well.

“So if you are out and about, there will be a lot of surface water and spray on the roads so do take it easy.

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Mr Kirkwood said: “There are some huge puddles for example in London.

“I know, I drove through some of them myself this morning.

“Now this will slowly move away into the North Sea, into the course of the afternoon.

“There will be residual cloud left in its wake, that will break up.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “And for much of the UK we are looking at a dry day with some sunshine.

“But the cloud continuing to build towards the West, producing a few showers.

“As a new weather front arrives, here we’ve got temperatures 15 to 19 degrees, and for the rest of us 18 to 24 degrees.

“We’re starting off on a humid note once again in the South, but as our weak weather front comes South it will introduce some fresher conditions.”


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