BBC Weather: UK set for heavy snow as band moves in

Heavy snow could submerge parts of the UK today, according to the latest BBC weather forecast. The UK faces a dramatic Arctic freeze over the next 24 hours, with heavy snow and ice warnings. The Met Office has issued five warnings for snow and ice for the UK, including Northern Ireland, south-west England and South Wales, the Midlands, and south-east England.

BBC metrologist Chris Fawkes warned BBC Breakfast viewers that “we have a real taste of winter on the way”.

He explained: “Snow is on the way. We have a band of heavy snow pushing eastwards as we go through the day today.

“There will be heavy snow for a time across Wales, the Midlands, parts of southern England as well.”

He warned that the snow front could linger, meaning “central and southern England, the Midlands and into central areas of Wales will see the heaviest snowfall”.

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Mr Fawkes added: “It will be a cold day with temperatures not getting much above freezing, particularly in that zone of persistent snow.

“There will be difficult travelling conditions with ice on the roads, as that heavier band of snow moves in.

“It will be a really cold night, with a sharp frost developing overnight into Monday morning.

“It will be -6C in Birmingham and you can imagine it will be a lot colder than that in rural areas.”

UK weather: Snow and cold temperatures forecast by Met Office

The BBC meteorologist said that an influx of milder air on Tuesday will see temperatures rise for much of the country.

However, he added that “the milder winter may not reach the north-western areas, where winter may refuse to leave this week”.

The dramatic drop in temperatures saw the mercury plummet last night to an icy -10C in the Scottish Highlands.

London and Manchester both dropped to -3C overnight and Bristol, Belfast and Glasgow plunged to -2C.


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Martin Bowles, meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “The biggest hazard over the next couple of days is going to be ice because we’re getting these snow showers which will all freeze overnight.

“Obviously roads tend to be quite well gritted, especially main roads, but I would warn people to be careful on pavements, minor roads that don’t get gritted or city roads.”

He added: “That’s not to say that that’s the end of all cold weather for winter, it isn’t, we’ve just got a mild spell coming up.”

Further heavy rainfall, which caused severe flooding in the wake of Storm Christoph, is not forecast until next Wednesday.

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