BBC Weather – Kirkwood warns downpours to persist throughout Thursday

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts heavy rain

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Carol Kirkwood predicted more rain for a large chunk of the day coming in from the South and said that most of the country would be experiencing outbreaks of sunshine in between rain showers throughout the course of Thursday. The Met Office has issued two yellow weather warnings, one in the South for rain and one in the North for wind. Temperatures will range from 10 in the north to 14 in the south.

Ms Kirkwood said: “You can still see a few showers, that heavy rain you’re talking about came South, and it still is very much with us.

“And it will be with us for a large chunk of today but it eventually clears from the southeast and then behind it, we’re looking at sunshine and showers.

“Some parts of the country from this rain saw as much as 18mm for example from Odiham in just one hour.

“Now in Charwood which is in Surrey, here too, there was a fair old deluge, almost an inch in about 8 hours.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “What’s happening then is this band of rain will very very slowly push into East Anglia and the far South-East.

“Clearing later on in the day, but it will be followed by showers and behind it we’re looking at a mixture of sunshine and some showers.

“The showers picking up through the course of the day, across Wales and the southwest.

“And the wind here too is going to increase in strength.

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Ms Kirkwood said: “These black circles represent the strength of the wind gusts.

“So still quite windy across the far north of Scotland, but in between all those showers, there will be some sunshine.

“And our temperatures today are ranging from 10 in the North to about 14 in the south.

“Now as we head on through the evening and overnight all these showers in the southwest will push down across southern counties.

Ms Kirkwood added: “It will be a windy night again around the southwester Approaches and the English Channel for a time.

“And then we’ve got clear skies, and more showers coming in across the northwest.

“A cold night for some there will be a frost across some central and eastern areas.

“So temperatures falling down bellow freezing for some.”

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